Self Book VS Travel Agent

What Is A Travel Agent?

A Travel Agent is a person who provides travel- related services to their clients.  This can include everything from booking flights and hotel rooms to booking cruises anywhere in the world, escorted land vacations, shore excursions, unique experiences, arranging car rentals, custom itineraries, and more.

Who Needs A Travel Agent?

The internet has brought accessibility to the travel industry with the ease of a button.  So easy, in fact, that the perception is that travel agents have been rendered unnecessary.  To that we say, UNTRUE!

Often, when you think you're comparing prices of hotels, airlines, and vacation packages  among several travel sites, you're in fact just comparing companies that are owned by each other.  The deals you think you're getting are fostered by false comparisons and non-competition.  Travel Agents have real access to best rates at the top hotels, resorts and airlines.  They are uniquely trusted, knowledgeable and valuable resources in the travel industry.

Who Pays the Travel Agent?

A travel agent's commission does NOT get paid by the traveler.  The travel supplier or vendor pays your travel agent out of their share of the price.   The commission is already built into the price,  SO. . . . you can either give the trillion dollar companies more money or help them share it with someone special---- like your trusted professional travel agent who worked hard for you and your trip.

Just focus on which outfits look best for your trip and let your travel agent do the rest.